Area 8 supports charging for parking on Victoria Embankment

MME Bridge ward Parks parking permits area 8 committee resolution v150916 2121 a1754h
… but free time period is now 2 hours.
Click the graphic to read the added resolution.
We are receiving complaints from would-be park users who haven’t been able to find spaces to park.
The allegation that the proposed scheme means that the park will become a car park turned reality on its head.
A bit more detail on how the RINGO system would work in practice was sought.
There was a challenge on whether £2 would actually deter office workers, to which it was made clear that if a further charge was needed, the Area committee would be consulted.
The consultation continues, and there is still work to be done assessing some Victoria Embankment residents’ concerns about lack of local parking.
Previous reports – initial post and first responses.


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