Shadow Cabinet

IMG_0925b0504h Gdn Shadow Cabinet
With a previous emphasis on equality for omen, protests have been made about the allocation of the top 4 posts to men.
But in recent times, it’s become a top two cos of Brown with Blair, and now Osborne with Cameron. and now McDonnell with Corbyn.
So, Corbyn ensuring he has a “wing man” in place as Shadow Chancellor emphasises how it’s the top 2 nowadays.
Not trying to negate Prescott, whose reputation continues to grow, or Tom Watson.
And despite a number of senior party women not being available, this is the first shadow cabinet to have a majority of women.
But the bigger story is the Shadow Cabinet Ministers negotiating permission to say what they want in accepting their new role. This is a very striking change from New Labour, can be seen as a sign of strength or weakness, and it will be interesting to see how this pans out.


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