Goulash trumps Gush

An article on a Hungarian web-site about Elizabeth’s reign exceeding Victoria’s is somewhat of a relief, cos I don’t have to take in all the words.
Hungarian presentation of Victoria and Elizabeth
If only people didn’t talk such guff.
‘she’s not surrounded by secret service’; ‘I feel a calm’ …
IMG_5893b0505h Queens Walk young Queen Vic story pole
It’s not necessary to find fault with the Queen as a person to think we can do better.
It’s enough to say that the representative of the country when non-partisan representation is needed should be a celebration of our democracy. And for me that should be the Speaker.
Maybe a case then for making that service a year long term, like we have in Nottingham with civics.
That we like that kind of leader comes across at events, when having a civic gives a focus.
And despite all the new talk of Mayors for Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire, if Parliament did more to follow the local government model of committees, you’d get better consideration of policy, projects and services; and the rationale for whips would be clearer (a chance to debate within, before holding an agreed line; might help Jeremy Corbyn if he’s elected as Leader of the Labour Party).
I prefer the presentation of the monarchs at their weddings in the Hungarian article, cos it shows a young Victoria; the young Victoria who is presented in one of the Meadows story poles.

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