Vigil for refugees at the Old Market Square

IMG_8254MDfbb0392h OMS refugee vigil 11960119_10153649119383901_9075054568560281507_n (2)
Refugees welcome – Labour Councillors already work to support the refugees who are already here.
IMG_8254b0189h OMS refugee vigil CllrBP
Cllr. Brian Parbutt speaking on behalf of Nottingham Labour Councillors, and expressing disappointment that the Conservative government are to only take 20,000 further refugees over 4 and a half years. (Nottingham’s pro-rata share would be 100.)
nicola tweet b0190h
Co-Councillor Nicola Heaton points out how far back we’ve gone under David Cameron.
IMG_8245b0224h OMS refugee vigil rw
Rebecca speaks on behalf of the Refugees Forum.
IMG_8248b0211h OMS refugee vigil bishop
Speakers for 3 faiths. The bishop praised Germany’s response.
IMG_8246b0158h OMS refugee vigil speaker
IMG_8241b0052h OMS refugee vigil IMG_8240b0074h OMS refugee vigil
Around 600 people attended the rally.
IMG_8241rwtweetc0110h OMS refugee vigil
IMG_8256b0270h OMS refugee vigil
Candles at the end.
IMG_8239b0329h OMS refugee vigil friend and CllrEC
Fellow Councillor Eunice Campbell suddenly realised that the woman next to her holding up the big banner, had campaigned for her when she first stood to be a Councillor!


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