Nottingham Green Festival 2015

IMG_8221b0254h The Arboretum Green Festival
Good weather and a strong turnout for an event that has both local and citywide appeal.
IMG_8222b0317h The Arboretum Green Festival
Numbers were boosted by rolling adverts on the city’s bus shelters info displays.
IMG_8224c0344h The Arboretum Green Festival T4 Sustainabilty Ltd
Companies like these that installed the solar panels on the house I live in are facing massive reductions in financial support for new installations.
IMG_8226d0493h The Arboretum Green Festival anti fracking displays
The cuts in financial support for green initiatives follow the Conservative government’s switch to support for fracking.
All kinds of interesting points made by anti-fracking campaigners, like –
– frackers not making much profit yet;
– more than 50% of the chemically added water pumped in the ground to force out oil & gas is not recovered;
– the water recovered from the trial installation in Lancashire turned out to be highly polluted;
– that there are many pads to an installation; the proposed field in the north of Notts is likely to feature 900 installations; (nine hundred); the fields don’t look great – yet others have protested against wind turbines and even solar farms; and they need tracks to support each pad.
That fracking ain’t cheap and it ain’t pretty.
IMG_8233c0468h The Arboretum Green Festival exlibris
Exlibris take books and sell them second hand to raise money for the refugee forum and the Nottingham Hospitals charity.
IMG_8235b0256h The Arboretum Green Festival rock band
Strumming “Paranoid” without a stage.
IMG_8236b0260h The Arboretum Green Festival punk band


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