Farewell 1906 Meadows Cricket Pavilion

IMG_8167b0545h VE MRG 1906 Meadows Cricket Pavilion being demolished
Demolition began on Thursday.
Even if it fell into disuse and then ill repair in its last decades, the pavilion enabled cricket and football for many more decades and was a success because its design was copied elsewhere and because we’ve wanted to copy its distinctive features in its replacement.
IMG_8170b0364h VE MRG Meadows Cricket Pavilion under construction
I’ve asked for the pavilion to have a formal address (Meadows Cricket Pavilion, Victoria Embankment) with a distinctive postcode, so that satnav guided visitors can find it and events related car parking more easily.
Even though the new pavilion will support as much football as cricket, we’ll keep cricket in the title in part cos of the nature of its design and to distinguish it from the football only pavilion elsewhere on the park.
Also, it was the cricket trust that drove its redevelopment, using the Ashes test as the catalyst, so maybe the address should include “8415” to commemorate that Stuart Broad bowling performance.

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