Booked for singing a George Benson song

20150825ShrewsWeb b0221h Salop score
Commiserations to Shrewsbury Town FC, knocked out last night of the League Cup last night at top flight Crystal Palace, despite taking the lead after nine minutes.
Too difficult a night out for me, but I know family had a good trip.
Instead, I was reduced to publishing memories of my trips to Crystal Palace, and re-discovering Victor Kasule, who was booked at Crystal Palace for singing a George Benson song, but was special because (for an all too short period) he was an electrifying player for Salop.
Vic Kasule stfc footballer a0187h
What a story, including that special moment when he smashed a late winner against Leeds United, and then broke a toe in a celebratory somersault – yes I was there.
Football as entertainment provides special memories, but Kasule is quoted on being remembered in a very sobering manner.

P.S. pale blue, white and black as a second strip combination was never going to clash with Crystal Palace, unlike a few years back when a blue first sip and a red second strip and no third strip meant Salop wore Wolves second shirts. BUT the BBC reporter referred to the kit as the Argentina strip, and however good at football that country might be, the farces of 1978 and 1986 (and 1966 even) are still raw, and I just don’t think we should have that strip, even if we did once have it in the nineties. A combination of red and white, or red and black, or all white – the traditional options – would suffice.


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