Meeting and greeting at Queens Walk and Bridgeway Centre

IMG_7859d0594h QWCC Jackies Tasties LGMP JT 11922832_10153094529266305_2352701318548878593_o
Lilian Greenwood with Jackie at her new community café in the Queens Walk Community Centre, after a dinner of jerk pork and savoury rice.
IMG_7861b0631h QWCC student LGMP 11850545_10153094529186305_2396035153852706130_o
A UoN student, looking into the quality of life in The Meadows.
IMG_7861tweetc0314hBSC LGMP sd CllrNH
Forest fan Steve, with Lilian and co-Councillor Nicola Heaton, at the Bridgeway shopping centre.
IMG_7864b0516hBSCCllrNH res LGMP
Another Councillor’s mother and aunty, doing their local shopping.
IMG_7866othb0454hBSCCllrNH res LGMP MME
A resident who spoke about me in very fulsome terms; (I has to remind her that I’d only acted on the 4th letter).
IMG_7869b0647hBSC LGMP g 11952789_10153094529026305_5316811534112962895_o
Lilian with a new party member.


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