I am voting for Andy Burnham as Leader

IMG_7775b0250h andy4leader ABMP MMEI am voting for Andy Burnham as Leader, just as Nottingham South MP Lilian Greenwood is, and John Prescott.
John Prescott’s article for the Mirror says it all so please read it.
Yvette Cooper is my second preference. I will not be voting for Jeremy Corbyn, because there are too many challenges to winning a General Election under his leadership given his past approach of protesting from the sidelines.
I feel that Liz Kendall too easily embraces limits on what the Labour Party can or should achieve.

Lilian Greenwood MP says –
“Like many of you, I spoke to a lot of voters in the election campaign – in Nottingham South, in Sherwood and Broxtowe and in other key seats across the country. Too often people told me that they wouldn’t be voting Labour: because they didn’t trust us to run the economy; they were worried about the future – anxious about where their children and grandchildren would find work or how they would afford a home of their own – and they didn’t think Labour understood their concerns or that their lives would be better under a Labour Government. A few of them voted Green, more voted UKIP, lots didn’t vote at all but in many cases they voted for the Tories. These are the range of people we need to win back to secure a Labour Government in 2020. It’s a huge challenge but I think Andy is the person best able to lead us into the next election when we have to do just that.
“He’s Labour through and through and he understands that we need to set out a bold new vision for the future based on our values. You’ll have seen his manifesto setting out some of his ideas.
“He has the experience, as a Cabinet Minister in Government and a Shadow Secretary of State in opposition, of taking the fight to the Tories and withstanding their attacks.
“He shares my commitment to the NHS, public services, comprehensive education and opportunities for all young people – whether that’s through academic qualifications and university, or high quality vocational education.
“And he has that ability to connect with people up and down the country – he is passionate, he can make an emotional connection with voters and members, and he is willing to listen. I believe he can best unite our party and unite the country.”


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