In Pakistan, 10 years ago

Reminded by Pakistan’s Independence Day of how we visited Pakistan 10 years ago, as part of Mo Munir’s year as Lord Mayor of the City of Nottingham.
050816 160001a PK, Pjb, Bala Arain, Shaheen and Mo Munir CNV00036
Joined the parade of cars and vans driving around Lahore that night, with some locals giving me a Pakistan flag to wave, and then others insisting on taking the flag off me.
No photos of that night, cos didn’t have the correct kind of camera. But some selected highlights below, including, no surprise a frog:
050814 122002 PK, Pjb, Lahore, fort, shop CNV00001 050811 150003a PK, NWF, Lake Saif ul Muluk, Sue, Audrey and Mo on horseback CNV00010 050813 184002a PK, Pjb, Lahore, Shalamar Gardens, frog CNV00018 050818 150006a PK, Pjb, Toba Qualandar Shah, 3 day old antelope CNV00032 050817 120004a PK, Pjb, Bahawal Nagar, big wheel CNV00017 050818 130111 PK, Pjb, Bahawal Nagar, ward 21 polling station, Mo and crowd CNV00019

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