I’m with Angela

IMG_7754ZMb0710hIMG_0463 Mechanics AEMP supporters MME LGMP 11885295_10153079394251305_7476617607734775264_n
Angela Eagle is running for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.
IMG_7754weba0250h Angela for Deputy
I had no preference before the meeting
IMG_7745b0960h Mechanics AEMP speaking 11094334_10153079329641305_3431174705388372177_n IMG_7747b0960h Mechanics LGMP imwithangela 11903838_10153079329531305_3351452483351371261_n
Angela showed width, depth, conviction, composure, gravitas, and experience; was tough-minded but never harsh.
IMG_7754b1605h Mechanics AEMP supporters LGMP 11141303_10153079329571305_8232087668631712607_n
Lilian Greenwood MP is supporting Angela.
IMG_7754ZMb0525hIMG_0463 Mechanics AEMP supporters MME LGMP 11218060_10153079394291305_7224491662413202163_n


One thought on “I’m with Angela

  1. I will be voting for her also because of the work she has done on the issue of youth engagement with politics. I also agree with your choice for leader.

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