NET preview of Clifton line for community

“A special ‘preview’ event has seen some of the first members of the public to travel from Clifton to Nottingham city centre by tram.
“Community stalwarts and civic leaders were joined by lucky competition winners on the trip that set off from the new park and ride facility at Clifton South.
“On the way to NET’s Wilkinson Street depot, [seeing Clifton,] Wilford and The Meadows from a new perspective, before joining the existing network at the new Nottingham Station stop.”

IMG_7726WSbb0363h NET Clifton trip Wilkinson Street cllrs MME 11879090_10204525012267811_7033295005046737844_o
The Lord Mayor with Area 8 Councillors, most of whom support the Workplace Parking Levy that made the extension happen.
IMG_7701b0305h NET Clifton trip terminus
The new terminus, aimed at attracting commuters off the A453.
IMG_7705b0297h NET Clifton trip terminus and tram
Members of the local communities waiting for the tram.
IMG_7708b0293h NET Clifton trip marking car park
Works still ongoing on the support to the tram system.
IMG_7709b0491h NET Clifton trip terminus K with party hat
One of Nottingham city’s most enthusiastic supports, with his ‘party hat’ that changes for each occasion.
IMG_0828b0362h BBC emt NET Clifton trip
BBC East Midlands Today reported on the event.
IMG_7719b0430h NET Clifton trip Wilford schools campus cyclists
Flying alongside the east side of the old Great Central Wilford embankment, the tram passes by a whole group of cyclists enjoying the new path.
IMG_7723b0232h NET Clifton trip Queens Walk stop
Pertinent poster at Queens walk stop in The Meadows; the start date won’t be known until a few days in advance, but we still hope for August.
IMG_7724b0295h NET Clifton trip Wilkinson Street stop
Arriving at the stop serving the depot.
IMG_7726b0181h NET Clifton trip depot reception
The Chief Executive of Tramlink thanks all who attended.

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