First responses on charging for parking on Victoria Embankment

Previous post on proposal to charge for parking on Victoria Embankment.
WP_20150812_17_55_21_Proc0628h NPost letters on VE charging 0812
Some letters in the Nottingham Post but perhaps not enough responses directly to the council.
Three of the four letters are from outside of the council’s domain which says something about Victoria Embankment being a destination park for much of Greater Nottingham.
Also had some response of Facebook and perhaps some of the points have not been made clear enough in the first round (and not sure my tweet helped enough either – ooh the limit of 140 characters).
OK, some more information, some prompted by points made elsewhere –
1. Hours: trying to reflect office hours in weekdays; not sure there’s any need for weekend coverage that differs from the existing arrangements;
2. Charge: £2; c.f. £375 for the year for each place in a WPL scheme, £2 is higher; will check out rates in West Bridgford and County Hall;
3. Free period: will explore more than 1 hour free;
4. the consultation: is going to be helpful for us in working out the right charges and free times;
5. parking payments: will be park and pay by phone, like Crocus Street, using the RINGO system; means more signage but not meters (which don’t always look pretty); you have to register the car, then tell RINGO of your arrival and intended stay, so that operators can check; (UPDATED);
6: WPL: this is not part of the Workplace Parking Levy scheme; indeed, proceeds go to the running of the park, for which the Council is still a significant net contributor;
7. Park and Glide: we don’t know if the Meadows Embankment tram stop will generate park & glide issues; (I imagine we might start to find out after a week or so, but we’ll see); people who use tram services tend to prefer officially managed car parks and commuters may well have to pass proper sites before reaching Meadows Embankment;
8. Timetable: the decision is made at the Area 8 committee on 16th September.
UPDATE: the report will come to Area 8 Committee for information rather than decision; it is likely to take until November to complete the consultation and make a Parking Order.


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