Thanks again to Ashes test fans

IMG_7669b0198h Trent Bridge fans arriving
Relaxed England fans making their way down; victory was certain.
IMG_7681b0360h VE view of Trent Bridge cricket ground
Cloud cover again during the Australian innings. Wickets falling could be heard from across the river Trent.
IMG_7679c0396h VE cricket fans car parking
Good discipline from cricket fans, using organised car parks, such as Victoria Embankment.
IMG_7691b0378h Trent Bridge cricket ground Meadows resident
A local resident who watched the whole match.
IMG_7694b0222h Trent Bridge cricket Clark interview on scoreboard
Respect for the Australian captain as he’s interviewed after the match.
IMG_7695b0266h Trent Bridge narrowboat and Turneys Quay
Smart looking gardens in Nottingham city from the Trent Bridge.
IMG_7697b0275h Trent Bridge cricket fans going home

IMG_7698b0219h Arkwright Walk cricket fans going home and street party
Arkwright Walk.
IMG_7698idsb0349h red arrows salute over Trent Bridge cricket ground 11845008_10154051645544056_4432244190211327090_o
The Red Arrows paid tribute.


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