George Cole and his role in my wasted life

Gone to Earth screencapture 001018 part a0518hA recent remark by a friend has once again made me look into myself, and then news broke that George Cole has died, and it all clicked.
See Edwards is a common enough name, but there weren’t that many famous Edwards’ when I was growing up. Jimmy Edwards was no role model, so when “‘Flash Harry’ Edwards” from “St.trinians” came on the scene, well, respect.
And then it turned out George Cole also played a young man from West Shropshire in the only national movie of any reputation to be made from where I grew up. Respect again.
But the character was no role model. According to this movie, taken from a Mary Webb novel, women take to being chatted up with lines like “you’re a real piece of butter, you; a lovely bit of jam”. You can imagine how that worked out – yep, I should have watched ‘Cold Comfort Farm’ instead.

There’s been controversy recently over tweeting about celebrities whose death has been announced.  Not sure this post is the way forward either, so instead, please find a more proportionate obituary for George Cole here.


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