Bridgeway Shopping Centre

WP_20150806_11_41_19_Proa0575h Bridgeway Centre square
Meeting with NCH and council staff to talk about improvements we might be able to afford for the shopping centre

· replace with new ones on both sides for the whole stretch; light colour still, but more robust and with lighting;

Metal Works:
· Probably removal of those by the shops; they’re expensive to re-paint and protect; trees offer a lot more presence 40 years on;
· Question is whether the sense of an arena created in the ‘square’ needs to be created in a different way;

Finger sign posts:
· Might need new, maintainable finger signs, and further out as well (e.g. on Meadows Way and at Queens Walk tram halt;

Car parks
· residents permits may well be grated across the New Meadows once the tram system is extended, so how do we protect the shopping car parks? Supermarkets are using Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems; can we, so as to keep free for shoppers?


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