Australian batting failure explained

ecba0240h Stuart Broad figures 11855841_10152867163585194_5977444519095028337_n
Listening to Geoffrey Boycott’s explanation of the extraordinary batting failure in the Trent Bridge test match is a bit like listening to a broken record – but when he demonstrated it on Channel 5 tv, it kinda made sense.
Used to faster, straighter bowling, tHe Australians are trying to hit the ball harder and earlier, not giving themselves time to get in, not therefore learning to assess lateral movement, reducing their time to adjust to assess lateral movement and edging any ball they misjudge whilst the bat face is up – creating more catching opportunities.
Whilst England tend to hit the ball later and with the bat face down more often.

IMG_7664b0478h London Road people arriving for the cricket
But this didn’t pay much attention to the sky being overcast for most of Australia’s innings, tied in with a 2 minute cold shower 16 minutes before the start.
Whereas the sun was out for England’s innings.
Great occassion for Chris Broad, of course.
But slightly concerning for cricket – it needs a strong Australia.
And Nottingham needs – well would have kinda liked – a 5 day test.
IMG_7665b0200h Trent Bridge nct no 11 bus and people arriving for the cricket IMG_7662b0200h Trent Bridge nct park and ride bus
Finally, some more photos of buses to add to Henry Blofeld’s bus spotting guide.
And another colleagues’ assessment of the Australian innings in fewer than 140 characters …


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