The Meadows the sporting neighbourhood

IMG_7612b0164h QWRG kidz united football training
Kidz United, doing football training on the former Meadows Cricket Ground, now the Queens Walk Rec.

The Meadows and its sporting grounds –
· Meadows Cricket Ground (now QW Rec.; hosted Nott’m vs Marylebone in 1719 and Notts County);
· Cremorne Gardens (home of first professional football match in Nottingham, now buried by low tower blocks and a tram stop);
· Castle Cricket ground (home to Forest and County each for 3 seasons; now buried under Barnsley, Conisborough and Doncaster Terraces);
· Town Ground (home for many years to Forest; first ground to have crossbars and football nets; now buried under Pyatt Street and Turney Street);
· Meadow Lane (long home to Notts County); and
· Portland Leisure Centre (training pool for the swimming legend, Constance Jeans),
· the Meadows Recreation Ground; established as part of the works for the Great Central Railway; a pavilion was built in 1906 and a new one to replace it is being built now, probably for December;
· Victoria Embankment, host of a football pavilion, paddling pool & play area, and an NHS outdoor gym; hosts running and cycling events.

Other facilities – at Greenfields, Welbeck and Riverside school (the last of which uses fields associated with the former colliery (check); and the play areas off Arkwright Walk and Middle Furlong Mews – The Green.


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