Nottingham the sporting city

150801ESPNb0523h Simon Barnes best British sporting cities Nottingham
Interesting article by an ESPN journalist.
Celebrates Meadow Lane, City Ground, Trent Bridge, Holme Pierrepoint and Torvill & Dean.
One comment is added about the city council boundary, so here’s my comment –
Surprised anyone should think local government boundaries matter in this context. Especially regarding the City Ground which until a boundary change (circa 1948), was in a strip of land that was in Nottingham City (we traded it for Clifton (for new housing), Wilford and Silverdale) and was named The City Ground to celebrate Nottingham’s then new status; we were all a part of the county anyway until 1998.
Given Notts have just lost, it’s perhaps a bit too early complain about the omission of women’s football, and perhaps having a racecourse is not distinctive enough.
Mansfield will definitely object to any claims on Rebecca Adlington, whilst our champion who held world records in 5 distances in the early twenties despite the Americans – Constance Jeans – is overlooked and forgotten (find a copy of her photo held by the French national library on the Catalan version of Wikipedia!); Constance trained in the Portland Leisure Centre which lies alongide Arkwright Walk – this traditional route to Trent Bridge will be restored as a direct route again in November. Note, Proud Nottingham opened a new 50 metre pool only this week,
The half-marathon starts from around here and we have plans for a mass schoolchildren participation event next year.
Cycling events feature too, although the Raleigh connection has also dimmed.
Sorry to go on at length, but we’re getting ready for The Ashes and a celebration of a new cricket pavilion in The Meadows on Tuesday morning (10am, all welcome; and yeah, I’m giving a speech).
Thanks tho’ for the article and my only real complaint is that I think Nottingham Panthers deserved a mention.


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