OMTRA public meeting July 2015

IMG_7419b0393h ML OMTRA meeting cricket trust speakers
A presentation from Head of Parks and from Trent Bridge Community Trust on the new pavilion.
An event is scheduled for 10am on 4th August and the Trust are putting a time capsule together to include memorabilia of The Meadows and cricket.
Now a few weeks into a 24 week construction programme. Over 50 companies are involved and offering services for less than market price, which is the only way this £2/3rds million project is getting delivered for the actual funds available.
20150717 b02333h OMTRA newsletter issue 41 p0100 20150717 b02338h OMTRA newsletter issue 41 p0203 20150717 b02329h OMTRA newsletter issue 41 p0400
The meeting was advertised in the latest OMTRA newsletter.
Other issues discussed in the meeting included – tackling noisy households (some recent successes); poor private landlord properties, parking abuse of Victoria Embankment.


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