Project Sensible briefing

WP_20150720_18_44_12_Prob0320h PLC project sensible Julian
Professor Julian Marsh, architect and green campaigner addressing an audience of 32.
Project Sensible tweet a0386hCJ8wyuAWcAAhzvX
A briefing for some of the 40 odd households in The Meadows likely to be part of an EU financed project to find out how trapping energy thermally or in batteries, rather than exporting for a feed-in tariff, might help households with lower energy bills.
The project is also taking place in Germany and Portugal, but different tasks are being undertaken there.
The British leg is happening because of the University of Nottingham and Meadows Ozone Energy Services (MOzES).
Previous briefing was in December –

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Project SENSIBLE ‏@SENSIBLEProject · Jul 15
#SENSIBLEproject is about storing & sharing localised energy generation within a community reducing costs for all!
Michael Edwards ‏@BridgeCllrMike · Jul 20
EU #ProjectSensible launching plan for more solar power with an evaluation of batteries in #TheMeadows #Nottingham


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