Petulant ‘leaders’

IMG_0464b0494h BBC Chukka quotes
BBC 2 tv’s Newsnight featured interviews with Chukka Umunna and Tristham Hunt that demonstrated what is worst about Labour’s leaders. A “we know best”, “our rights, your responsibilities” kind of leadership which demonstrated petulance in the interviews, banal analysis and contempt for the people they’ve drawn support from.
Zoe Williams of The Guardian characterised it better (“take you medicine”, “stop being silly”, “just buckle down”) and pointed out that Tony Blair at the outset brought a kind of hope, and that a lot of Jeremy Corbyn’s positions have majority support.
Some good points on centre ground and how it can shift by people who can be effective with rhetoric.
Quibbles –
– Zoe saying Conservatives win through a message of fear and Labour wins through a message of hope has to be qualified – the hope does have to be credible;
– the BBC journalist pointing out how Corbyn boosted his majority ignores a wider truth about Labour’s appeal being narrower this time;
– too much “left” “centre-left” talk.


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