Nottingham Conservatives use disowned road safety data and then stand by its use

A Nottingham Conservative question claimed that the junction of Canal Street and Carrington Street in Broadmarsh “is one of the deadliest crossings in the country”.
Will the portfolio holder confirm what action he has taken regarding the pedestrian crossing at the junction of Canal St with Carrington St which, according to latest figures from the Department of Transport, is one of the deadliest crossings in the country?
Councillor Culley’s question is based on a story which appeared on the Mail Online website on June 2nd this year which claimed that the crossing on Canal Street/Carrington Street in Nottingham has seen eight deaths between 1999 and 2010. It was not based on latest figures, but purported to be based on DfT figures from 2011.
However, the council’s Media Team looked into the article as our own road safety statistics showed that there has been only one death at this location – and this pre-dated the statistics quoted in the Daily Mail article as it occurred in 1995.
The Media Team therefore queried the accuracy of the story with the Daily Mail. They were told that the story was based on copy submitted by Southwest News Agency. Although the article purports to be based on a report from 2011 carried out on behalf of the BBC, covering a period ending five years ago – perhaps in itself a questionable starting point for a news story – in fact the Daily Mail explained that Southwest News Agency used local newspaper coverage to base the figure of eight deaths on.
However, the Nottingham Post certainly has no record of stories claiming eight people have died at this location – presumably because our own road safety statistics do not support this claim. In fact, BBC reports from 2011 when the data was first published confirm that there were no deaths on this junction in that period.
The Media Team therefore made the point to the Daily Mail that describing it as ‘Britain’s deadliest junction’ and claiming there were eight deaths in that period was wholly inaccurate and asked for that element to be removed from the online story. The Daily Mail said it had been published in good faith but accepted our comments and removed the Nottingham references from the article, which never subsequently appeared in the newspaper.
As a result of the investments Nottingham City Council has made and the hard work and expertise that colleagues across the Council put in to improving the safety of our roads and educating our children in road safety from an early age then in the 10 years since 2005 the number of people killed or seriously injured in Nottingham has halved. The number of children involved has reduced by over 60%
Background Information
Nottingham collisions
198 KSI in 2005 Child KSI 28
97 KSI in 2014 Child KSI 11

The story come from a news agency in the south of the country that got it wrong.
Yet the Conservatives stood by the accusation, though claiming it was true in the context of a wider geographical area.
Information received since refutes this as well.
All the false accusations could have been avoided with simple conversations with the council’s own traffic officers.
I can understand that what you say shoudl not be confined to what officers tell you, but on matters of road saefty where there are published figures, continuing to assert falsehoods is wrong, and can so easily be avoided.


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