Lord Mayor’s parade

IMG_7312ab0726h OMS CllrJM civic horse drawn coach party
A new venture – a parade for the new Lord Mayor rather than a church service.
Some hundreds attended in the Old Market Square, and some followed the parade to the castle where the new civics repeated their vows.
ExpNotts a0400h Lord Mayors Parade Friar Lane CJi1wMSUEAA1Ltl
Along with free entry, groups invoking The Great War and the 12th century – crusaders and sowers – were on hand, demonstrating their craft and knowledge. Great to share stories about the Nottingham Crocus.
IMG_7313cncca0450h N Castle CJES5K9W8AA8RGs tapestry
Photo by the Nottingham Post.
IMG_7313fJOb0330h N Castle crusader 11232228_859192497488304_8843956545064885925_n IMG_7314aJOb0330h N Castle russian visitor MME
Some British icons on display – the knight and Robin Hood – and a range of nationalities in attendance.
One lady from Hong Kong on holiday and in Nottingham because of Robin Hood. We want to boost the visitor experience – a proper visitor centre, a new cave for Robin Hood and all the subsequent rebels; a better tour of the caves, and an expanded art gallery that is air conditioned and can host more touring works of art. (Nice to have Ted Cantle on hand to explain the plan to an extended family from The Meadows.)
But also interesting how another British icon (the Beatles) and in this case their “Yellow Submarine” was also a common experience for visitors.
Finally, some kind words from a lady from Daventry (originally from Russia) about the effectiveness of Nottingham’s public transport system.
Pleasant day, pleasant visitors, pleasant chats.


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