Get round the back

My tribute to the England Lionesses.
I’m sure you’re all doing your own.
20150702k1148h England 16 seconds against Japan tribute
A very watchable match.
One special move, four minutes in, that really gripped.
Challenging for a lost header. Controlled and back to the keeper. Belter of a pass to the winger. Trapping a high fast ball in one move and laying off. One touch to Williams, who with the second touch swings the ball across field for a sixty yard run by a full back ’round the back of Japan’s defence.
Japan covered in the six yard box.
200 yards of movement in sixteen seconds.
You take notice.
It was a good game; and Japan take a good share of the credit.
But England lost cos when they had the pressure and the chances, they didn’t take them.
And that’s football. Sometimes harsh.
Sometimes, cruel when a centre-half manages to block a cross to hit the underside of the bar – no striker could have matched it.


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