Bridge ward monthly report 45

Plans to renew Broadmarsh shopping centre, with proper entrances from Collin Street and Middle Hill, and an extension to Bridlesmith Gate were approved.
General concerns remain – not enough money in people’s pockets, repairs, overgrown trees, commuter parking etc. Ward walks are highlighting concerns over public health. Visits to the advice surgery are up. We’ve started surveys – first streets were Colliery Close and Meredith Close.
Concerns over ASB on Arkwright Walk, tipping & dereliction at the decommissioned Q Blocks and fencing at the old Trent Works sites are being picked up. Meadows Way (east) is to be re-surfaced in July.
Community Gardens and In Bloom displays look great and the ward featured heavily in photos picked out by the N Post to celebrate the city. The new cultural scene in the city centre has been celebrated – as well as the street cleaning.
Hugely disappointed about the cancellation of the electrification of the Midland Main railway line.
August may well be a time of celebration in The Meadows, with the Carnival returning, an event for the new cricket pavilion and probably, or possibly, the start of tram services to connect The Meadows with the city centre, Clifton & Wilford, the QMC etc.
Fuller notes below.

My case number is circa 1420, serving around 592 clients.

Bridge ward links:

Other points:
We held a public meeting on social security and support for the poor and the working poor at the Meadows Library.
Broadmarsh shopping centre –
Cricket pavilion delayed – The cricket pavilion is delayed slightly, but an event to coincide with the Ashes at Trent Bridge is planned for August 4th
NeMTRA meeting
Road works due on Meadows Way East – 5th July – 10 working days
Carnival in The Meadows on 23rd August.
Number of tragic incidents in city centre.
Trees – approved £5k at Area 8 towards a £15k programme that might perhaps deal with 30 trees.
Area 8: debates on Clifton town centre and getting ready for the tram.
Summer of Action has begun with gully pot cleaning in the Old Meadows.

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