Criticism of Broadmarsh proposals

Broadmarsh debate b0564h
Some strong criticisms coming my way in advance of the Planning commmittee meeting to review Intu’s planning application for a renewal of the Broadmarsh shopping centre.
Because, as the correspondent shows, it does not seek to meet the vision once sought, of a wide avenue running from Carrington Street, across Collin Street, through Listergate and Albert Street before Wheelergate and then Old Market Square (ref. 2002 development brief).
Not an open street, instead enclosed and with a road services bridge still running over it.
And still a long wall along Collin Street.
The history of the planning application can be found on the council web-site –
and the planning application can be found at –
using the search code –
The report rebuts some of the criticisms made in the tweets featured, but you have to dig to find the graphics that show the significant changes to Collin Street and to Middle Hill in particular.
The cost of the development is (from memory) one-fifth of the original cost, although the future ambition for the Victoria Centre has increased.
The development is debated on the Nottingham Post web-site –
Opinions on the application should at this late stage be e-mailed to –
Previous entries by me are available at –
and associated entries at –


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