The Conservative Iceberg

iceberg_3d_model_max_5a8a3b47-7c96-4399-bc88-19125fa16838 c0600h
Chris Leslie MP (Nottingham East, Shadow Chancellor) is expressing concern about just how much of what the Conservative government intends to do is still hidden –
“The Government begin this new parliamentary session with significant question marks hanging over the direction they intend to travel. Ministers have tried in vain to make the right noises about ‘fairness’ and even a ‘one nation’ approach, but there are increasing suspicions this language is the tip of an iceberg, with 90% of their real agenda hidden from public view.
When George Osborne replied to my opening remarks in the House of Commons in Thursday’s debate on the Queen’s Speech, he added to this sense of a hidden agenda by springing an announcement about in-year public service cuts, suddenly changing direction from the course set out just a few weeks ago at the March Budget.”

Labour’s motion was –
“… regret that [government proposals] to provide a strategy to build the productive economy that the country needs;
“note that a fragile recovery and stagnating productivity harms living standards and makes it harder to reduce the deficit;
“believe that every effort should now be concentrated on supporting middle- and lower-income working people;
“further note that the [proposals are] a missed opportunity to tackle the principal causes of rising welfare costs that flow from a low wage, high rent economy;
“further believe in the pooling and sharing of resources across the UK as the best mechanism for delivering social and economic change;
“urge the Government to pursue sensible savings in public expenditure as part of a balanced approach and not an ideologically-driven attempt to shrink public services beyond what is needed to address the deficit; and
“call upon Ministers to spell out where their cuts will fall and who will pay for their unfunded election pledges.”

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