Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts by Jonno Whitby a0417h 10352375_10204356314133530_7195071805645717835_n
Jonno Whitby posted on 30 May at 19:41
Just heard from Kevin Hepworth that Dave Roberts has died. Dave was a staunch trade unionist, socialist, co-operator and city councillor. He defended other people’s rights with his pugnacious approach. Having looked through my archive I think this photo best sums up his personality. My thoughts are with Myrlen and his family.

I was always liked that Dave was Deputy Leader of Derby City Council when I was Deputy for Nottingham, two TSSA members together (it didn’t mean a lot in practice, except never to jump to a conclusion that Nottingham and Derby could not get on).
He spoke well and had stories to tell.
The maxim I remember him for was on industrial action – that trade union impact was like a muscle, and to have impact, you needed to keep exercising the muscle.
He was kind when I won the nomination for South Derbyshire and concerned when Nottingham City Council was capped.
Derby Telegraph report 1 and 2.
The funeral will take place at the Mark Eaton Crematorium, Main Chapel on Wednesday 17th June at 12.00pm. Details of the wake will follow.


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