Susie Dent explains aspiration on late night BBC

IMG_5037b0458h BBC Susie Dent explains aspiration
… and how it originally meant something different.
Kinda reminds me why – when faced having to put ‘South Derbyshire Labour’ in a title field for a newspaper template – I used “Aim higher”.
“Success for all” also says it for me.
Meanwhile, I’ve seen people struggle with language. Four friends of Liz Kendall said –
“The Labour Party’s greatest strength has always been our commitment to a society that is fairer and freer, more equal and more democratic. Our mission has always been to apply that commitment to the circumstances of our time.”
Or as John Prescott would always say –
“The Labour Party is a democratic Socialist party. …. Traditional values in a modern setting.”
And people said he was just a pair of boxing gloves.


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