Answers to those questions

“Did the Labour government borrow too much in what was the run-up to the crash?” –
– The spending plans of the time was agreed by all political parties.
“The country had run out of money” –
– so why was there scope to borrow and increase the debt by another 150%?
“The benefits bill is too high” –
– and the way to solve it is to find work for more people; local jobs for local people; recycle profits a few more times before they leave the country.
“Tackle immigration” –
– so stop the exploitation of foreign workers by agencies who pay below the minimum wage.
“Labour is anti-business” –
– a lot of business needs its customers to have more money in their pockets to buy more of their goods and services; and not to be undercut by competitors who don’t pay their tax.
“The country doesn’t need a shift to the left” –
– who cares? just focus on what’s right for the country.
And yes, at every general election, have simple, powerful things to say, things you’ve argued in good times and bad, and make sure you talk about the economy.

Surprised to see some highlighting words from actor Michael Sheen – an opening paragraph drawing parables from the movie “Grease” is dire. But there’s something in this –
“When you hit rock bottom, you need time to accept that you don’t know what … you’re talking about and that you really have gone terribly wrong, before you can trust yourself to come out with anything worth saying. I suspect that period is a bit longer than a few days. I find it deeply troubling that most of the talk is about how to become electable again.”
poor start, I don’t agree with enough of the analysis, but it has refreshing things to say – draw on your values – compared to what’s coming from elsewhere.


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