A rational planning committee

Plans for new 98 new homes in Bridge ward, in a distinctive modernist style, north of the canal and alongside the river Trent were approved at the Planning committee.
Meadow Lane development 11 CGI- River Trent View b0209h
A delay had been sought because of concern over decoration.
The two months between had seen revisions to the detail of the brickwork, but not to the shapes.
So the committee again expressed concern about the ‘harsh’ nature of the riverside blocks and noticed that the variation of colour in the canal-side block might be used to effect in the northern most two blocks.
There’s been some extensive debate with the architects, who thought they’d put some real effort and insight to the designs of the housing, with green principles embraced.
I had sought to test the design on a number of repeated themes –
– the use of only squares and rectangles in the exterior (when many successful buildings use curves to make a building more appealing);
– can’t modernist buildings find a modern form of decoration?
– does an emphasis on using shape and shadow at the expense of detail, mitigate against using green technologies, sometimes as basic as awnings for windows, to provide interesting detail.
Some of this debate got confused by references to the design for the new homes being rational.
Rotterdam rationalist b0294h tumblr_ng5uk5AHro1rhqp84o2_1280
Slightly different to being rationalist. Check out a rationalist architecture web-site which shows an emphasis on rhythm and lack of detail. The web-site even shows frustration at Dutch building regulations requiring gargoyles to help manage rain water.
One quote is particularly alarming –
“Ideas are useful, but only if you throw away enough of them. This is the principle of my work. Putting together the ideas and getting rid of the most beautiful or the most imaginative ones.”

Top Valley school student entrance a0494h
The committee then went on to approve plans for new buildings for Top Valley school.

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