Why Labour Lost by Steven Fielding

Screenshot (525)b0572h Steven Fielding why labour lost
Only a precis below – please visit site to read the full article.

Crudely shortened conclusion by a University of Nottingham Professor of Politics –
1.the economy; 2. Ed; 3. SNP chos.
But not because Labour was Socialist.

draft conclusion to my analysis of Labour’s campaign
Labour lost … because it failed to convince enough English voters it could manage the economy better … and was led by someone widely perceived as lacking the skills … The early phase of the short campaign began to mitigate these deficiencies … the ‘coalition of chaos’ narrative that dominated the two weeks prior to the poll undid that work …
Ever since the fiscal crisis Labour had trailed the Conservatives as to which party people thought best able to manage the economy. …
When pollsters Greenberg Quinlan Rosner asked voters why they had not supported Labour on May 7th, at 40 per cent concerns about its economic competence … third and fourth most cited overall reasons … it would have been ‘bossed around by the SNP’ (24 per cent) and the preference for Cameron over Miliband as Prime Minister (17 per cent).
… the richest and oldest voting cohorts expressed the greatest concerns …
… Miliband’s party did not therefore lose because it had become a ‘traditional socialist’ party … It lost because in what was still a two-horse race, one conducted amidst an age of insecurity, the party looked like the least safe choice to govern the country. …


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