The people’s flag was green and yellow

Thrown by a notion that “Blue Labour” are to support Liz Kendall for Leader when its public statements says no return to Blairism, I looked up “Blue Labour” on the internet and came across this fun article from the BBC, showing how parties did not all wear or print material with standard colours until the eighties, and some ten years after the introduction of colour TV.
Screenshot (524)b0564h BBC parties and colours
Certainly true in my home constituency of Shrewsbury & Atcham in the seventies, where cos the Liberals used red, we couldn’t, so our materials’ colour was green and our rosettes were green & yellow.
The local agent in 1979, an old hand Len McDonald, told me how when Labour first stood (in Bradford), we used claret & amber.
Coming back to blue, I once went to a meeting where Maurice Glasman, the creator of the Blue Labour ideas, expressed his regret about the name he’d chosen. Given the inspiration he’s taken from Germany, perhaps he should have chosen “Black, Red and Yellow Labour”.
Or given the new enthusiasm for Denmark’s progress, we should now be – “Red and White Labour”
Which I kinda did when I stood in South Derbyshire in 2010, partly cos of the limit of the printer we had.


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