Tower Hamlets judgement

Buried deep in the General Election campaign, the election court ruling to overturn the election of the Tower Hamlets Forum’s elected executive mayor is a big decision.
A new election is already underway.
Interesting that the decision was triggered by a petition by four (check) citizens – a procedure that I understand is not risk free for the petitioners.
A celebration of the judgement is available – A blogger writes –
excerpts from the astonishing and damning judgment against Lutfur Rahman, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets in East London, who has had his election voided by a judge, Richard Mawrey QC, who sits as the election commissioner. As the very first excerpt explains, there is in British law a provision that allegations of electoral malpractice go up to a special court where the judge can overthrow the results of an election. This may seem unsatisfactory, but what other solution can there be to a problem of democratic corruption?
An alternative view is available.
“37,000 people voted for Lutfur Rahman in a record turnout. He has now been deposed – not by an election, not by arrest and not by a jury trial, but by four local politicians who took him to court. Sitting in judgment was one man only – not a qualified judge, only a barrister … This man found Lutfur Rahman guilty of multiple offences under the Representation of the People Act 1983. This article goes over what they were.”
A concern is how well that legislation, and the judgements, sits with the modern interpretation of institutional racism.

A colleague, Christine Shawcroft gave evidence in the court case for the deposed Mayor but the judge’s findings read like she campaigned against the Labour Party, when she did not.
Labour are again supporting John Biggs for Mayor in the fresh election and you can find his web-site here.
Screenshot (518)b0539h John Biggs for Tower Hamlets


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