Liz Kendall has worked out her left from her right

IMG_5002a0249h Labourlist Liz Kendall pledge
I can only assume Liz Kendall expected the attack on her policy statements, knew they were out of step with a large part of Labour thinking and has therefore in some way sought the reaction.
Albeit, some of the reaction is manipulated – there is a broader way to interpret the ideas than the graphic that Labourlist web-site has published above.
IMG_5001c0501h BBC newsnight Liz Kendall Screenshot (517)b0340h Gdn Liz Kendall and the left
More troubling to me is the narrow left vs right analysis (more than – after 8 days she gave up any idea of being on the left of the party) and that the kind of policies reviewed contributed significantly to the defeat (defence spending didn’t come up that often, nor did free schools).
(There’s also a view that people in Scotland and Wales were attracted to a more left wing policy – which I find hard to equate with nationalism – which tries to say the country matters more than forms of political division.)
The real point should be – what’s right for the people? If economic insecurity is the driver at the moment, what do we do to show how we get economic activity in a secure and sustainable way (financially, environmentally and socially).


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