Stop wasting public money

A number of questions Labour asked at full council were actually designed to show how the Conservatives in government waste money.
The DWP, which was described by the Conservative candidate for Nottingham South as “wonderful”, has spent billions on the introduction of Universal Credit, and after some years is not delivered.
Schemes to find people work have been less effective than doing nothing.
Electoral registration has got more complicated and led to chaos and a heavy work load for civil servants. How much simpler to find ways of putting people in and then allowing them to opt out.
Elsewhere, we’re spending tens of billions to clean up nuclear power stations and future nuclear power has been commissioned with purchase prices being much higher than current energy prices.
Free schools are driving costs up and introducing new risks on capital expenditure due to lack of public oversight.
Trite to say how these issues were no explored during the General Election. More, that they don’t get traction.
But they are the kind of concerns that bear scrutiny by MPs, most importantly in this early stage of a new Parliament by focussing on setting targets and milestones for these projects.


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