Roisin Conalty speaks out

Roisin is a comedian who has perhaps in the past given off this impression that somehow, she’s not the sharpest (8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown); except you don’t engage people like she does or make them laugh like she does if that is the reality.
And although I don’t go with left-right analyses, and although some of what she said on BBC tv’s “Have I got news for you” can read leftist on the page or on the screen, the final sentence says it simply and well.

IMG_4978b0399h BBC HIGNFY Roisin
“I don’t think Labour necessarily lost because they were left,
I think it’s because they were all over the place.
It was an awful campaign. [Interruption]
I think Labour are like those restaurants that have really thick menus.
They serve like Italian food, breakfast, Chinese.
You think I do not trust these guys.
They are not left, they are just all over the place.
It’s sort of all responsive.
And that’s the problem.

They should choose some Labour ideals and just sort of make them appetising again; sell them.”


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