The Green

IMG_7094Screenshot (495)b0448h NM The Green six views
There has been frustration for some time, highlighted by a petition, at the lack of play facilities for children in the south-west of The Meadows, following the demise of the play area behind Royston Close some years ago.
Out of sight, out of mind, we suspect.
There’s been a general consultation.
So, a proposal –
1. Name the grass area between Hawthorn, Saffron, Beardsley, Middle Furlong, Barra, Tarbert and Bosworth as “The Green”;
2. establish a fenced play area for toddlers and juniors, probably consisting of swings, balancing equipment, climbing frame and slide;
3. install a couple of small goal posts on the grass.
This to be properly written up and consulted upon, with a special effort to check with the kids who attend Riverside school.
There will probably be a high-level report to Area 8 Committee on June 24th.
The use of the play area off Arkwright Walk is striking; the equipment at Queens Walk Recreation Ground is excellent, but a tad too far away for parents wanting to know where toddlers are.


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