Vote Labour for The Meadows and for the people

IMG_6880b1024h Old Meadows rainbow
The imminence of the election brings into focus that our society runs on the basis of people being elected to make the decisions, and if like Russell Brand, you get frustrated between elections, election day is a real opportunity to put people in charge who share your values.
My frustrations for the The Meadows include –
– businesses who surround The Meadows are not choosing local people for local jobs, because they pay lower wages by bringing people in via agencies;
– too much of our money then goes into helping people on zero-hour contracts, low-hour contracts and low pay;
– too many private landlords not looking after their properties and offering tenants a poor service and high insecurity;
– too many of our people needing the support of food banks;
– the integrity of NHS services being broken up, and problems with GP services, which make the challenges in The Meadows even more difficult to deal with;
– a loss of the services that helped The Meadows so much in recent years; services that support people such as the elderly who used to have wardens, and young people who sometmes need a bit of steer and re-direction;
– a loss of financial support that helped our communities achieve more together.
What we learnt in Labour’s 13 years is that this is affordable, and was afforded, when people are in work, in secure jobs with proper wages; and we learnt that the financial sector not taking responsibility for running the banks in a proper way can wreck all you are trying to achieve.
Labour gets this.
So, vote Labour, in The Meadows, and for The Meadows, and for yourself and for your communities; for the people.


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