A new kind of phoney

IMG_4921b0745h BBC QT fb post 1
Watching the Leaders’ Debate on BBC tv last night, the venom and agression was striking, and particularly so from three people who said they run small businesses.
In business, ‘we wouldn’t tolerate joke letters’; in business, ‘we know the global financial crisis was not the fault of the financial sector’; in business, ‘we can’t survive if people aren’t on low wage, low security jobs’.
IMG_4920b0479h BBC QT fb post 2
Now we know, that Conservative campaigners were posing as undecided to get into the debate.
Being phoney.
So the point I was going to make – that people in busness should know better, and often do – may be too grand for what actually happened.
IMG_4919b0479h BBC QT fb post 3
The bigger point is that the small businesses I talk to actually need customers on better wages and more secure jobs; money in customers’ pockets to make their businesses more successful.


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