Another tedious media pundit

Screenshot (462)d0485h useless opinion maker
The BBC set their mission for this election to ‘make things clear’.
But the notion that they’re above politicians, and that they have a track record of making things clear, is phoney.
The last election saw the NHS not being raised once in TV prime minister debates.
But the agenda of trying to interrogate politicans to get mistakes creates the very environment the pundits then complain about – polticians acting like witnesses on a defence stand.
Meanwhile, they spend more and more time on what might happen with a result with no majority party – anticipating the result of the election rather than debating the issues that should decide the election.
And that’s tedious too.
Interesting that the most significant moment from BBC tv’s Andrew Marr programme – a programme designed to fluff him up too – was actually when Ed Miliband took on Boris Johnson directly.


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