Over firm smear on a distraction heard cos of a diversion

Setting off late at night for a family do. And the M1 was being reduced to one lane, but it was OK. But the A50 was being closed, so now we’d be going via the M42 and the M6, but it wa OK. Then signs announced the closure of the M42, but after junction 6, so it was OK. Then signs announced the closure of the M6 betweens junctions 10a and 12, but we were turning off for the M54 so it was OK. Then the closure of the M54 between junctions 3 and 5 was announced, and the delay meant we had to listen to all of a Grant Schapps interview on BBC Radio 5 and that was not OK.
Schapps over firmly asserted that Ed Miliband was behind a story that Grant Schapps oversaw the modification of wilipedia entries about him, to his advantage, and also oversaw changes that denegrated some of his cabinet colleagues. He did under pressure, then say that he meant the Labour Press Office.
A smear and a bold rebuttal, on a story that shouldn’t mean a hill of beans during an election campaign.
It’s another distraction.
The debate should be – where next for the British people.
Meanwhile, Clare Grogan, formerly of Altered Images – not a fan – as on. Remembered seeing them support Siouxsie Sioux. And that their intro to a John Peel session take of ‘song sung blue’ had almost made the festive fifty – and yet Clare had no recollection of it. A surprise.
P.S. – News on Thursday is that the wikipedia monitor was an armchair member of the Liberal Democrats.
La de da, la la.


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