Operation Black Vote hustings at Pilgrim Church

IMG_6661c0193h Pilgrim Church OBV hustings platform with LGMP
Over 50 people, mainly regular worshippers from African-Caribbean churches from across Notts, attended a hustings that took some time to estabish what it really wanted to say. IMG_6662a0240h Pilgrim Church OBV hustings LGMP
The objectives became –
1. to hear from young voters who don’t take part or have the opportunity to speak about politics;
2. to say that black members of the community who are suffering most (e.g. from public service job losses), and to ask what specific action were political parties prepared to take to deal with those problems.
But it took a long time to get there and actually started as is if it was a traditional hustings.
Lilian Greenwood gave a sturdy reminder of just how much was achieved by the last Labour government.
The surprise is that the Conservative candidate for Nottingham South keeps describing the DWP (Department of Works and Pensions) as “wonderful”. This when the success rate of their employment schemes were found to be worse than not doing anything at all.


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