Hackney Carriages serving Nottingham Midland station

Nottingham’s reputation has suffered in the past when the provision of Hackney cab services has not been got right in the past.
So the proposal to close the west end of the Station Street to the current Hackney Carriage rank had better work if it’s implemented.
A fundamental concern must be about the practicality of a Hackney rank running from the second floor of the Queens Road car park has not been addressed. Traffic flows are vulnerable to events and I have witnessed one of the exit gates was not working. Car parks are very vulnerable to peak demands and Nottingham Midland’s arrangements have to deal with peak arrivals of London trains. If this is got wrong, it’s passengers who have used their own car that are affected as well as passengers using a Hackney cab.
The second floor of the car park is not the most welcoming place – even though it’s as good as many car parks – natural light is limited and it does have a relatively low ceiling. Enclosed and tight (potentially noisy and perhaps too much exhaust fumes from running vehicles) when a crowd of passengers arrive for a Hackney service or to pick up their car. Then the experience of going around half of the car park twice before joining a queue to get through the gates.
The Station Street taxi rank at the west end is a highly convenient pick-up location for many passengers. Even more so for the less mobile and I wonder if the impact on the less mobile has been properly evaluated.
Lots to consider.


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