We can turn the country around

20150314 Labour party pledge card b0246h
In 1997, Labour’s pledge card was pretty limited in what we pledged.
Yet 13 years later, we had trebled the spend on the NHS, nearly trebled the spend on schools, created Sure Start Centres and halved crime.
No-one would have believed pledges that said as much then. By 2008, the Conservatives had adopted our spending plans.
Now, once again, we are in a era when people are told we cannot get things done. ‘Politicians are only in it for themselves.’ ‘There’s no difference.’
But we can make the change. Enforce the minimum wage. Get local jobs for local people. Work for the living wage. Use new taxes on the rich to prime expansions of public services.
Will people get to hear these plans? How in an age of the internet and global information, can we be stuck on points about how we eat our sandwiches and what are kitchens look like?
Britain deserves better.


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