New housing in Radford and old money problems

IMG_6132b0209h radford argyle street new council housing
New housing under construction along Argyle Street.
But we heard of old problems in the neighbourhood – poverty.  A woman on job seekers allowance going without food and the tipping point for her being the contribution required for Council tax. A reminder that Nottingham Conservatives has said something should be done, and then didn’t move a budget amendment to deliver it earlier this week.
IMG_6133c0300h radford argyle court CllrMB CllrAN
Merlita was part of the team canvassing Argyle Court, where her Mum used to live.
IMG_6129c0308h radford CllrLA
Local Councillor, Liaqat, is keeping an eye out for how changes to the neighbourhood will actually impact.
IMG_6128GPfbb0153h radford labour campaigners

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