What we could do with £89 million back

cuts 11050314_927000140652281_7164804238627303932_n
Nottingham City Council’s budget for 2015/16 was agreed yesterday, with only a whimper of the problems that are being caused.
We were reminded that the cuts in grant support had meant much reduced youth services, reduced community development, reduced day centre provision, increased charges, reduced maintenance for roads and pavements and worse conditions and support for council staff.
But, hey, what we could do with £89m of revenue back.
There were calls to mitigate reductions this year on the presumption of a Labour gov’t providing more for 2016/17 by using more reserves as a one-off than we are.
The trite reply to that is that Labour’s spending plans won’t be any different. Kinda ignores the actual differences especially the capital programme.
But that just feeds that sense that there no choice and there’s no difference. That no-one can deliver through government any more.
IMG_4635b0636h Meadows leaflet rearBut we have a whole series of quick measures that will make a quick impact.
And our pledges and spending plans were more miserable in 1997 than they are now.
But after 13 years, having established that the way to afford public services was to find work for those that can so more pay in and less take out, we more than trebled the spend on the NHS and nearly trebled the spend on schools.
Meanwhile the Conservatives are planning public expenditure cuts of more than double what they are openly talking about – something not drawn out in debate.


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