Notional budget amendment

The Leader of Nottingham Conservatives referred in the budget debate to the notional economic recovery.
Not conclusive evidence of lack of belief in George Osborne; just mis-speaking; but worth a gentle smile.
20150309b0743h NCC budget con amendmentsDitto, the budget amendment – it was 4 parts out of 5 the same as last year. The bit that changed included a bit of ward casework.
Hundreds of millions of spend of public money, and Nottingham Conservatives don’t even try.
More than a smile actually – laughable.
Bizarrely, having called to drop the Workplace Parking Levy, called for the demolition of a car park on Maid Marian Way and for the 20% council tax contribution for all to be returned to zero, not one change to the revenue and capital budgets proposed.

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