“No place to call home” review

IMG_4672c0710h bbc no place to call home quote
When I first started to watch it, I could tell this programme was required watching.
Two 10 year olds from homeless families explaining why homelessness is unpleasant. Starting with how they became homeless being unjust. Complaining about mould on the wall and ceiling – and getting evicted.
A kind of “Cathy Come Home”, but not quite as dramatic.
Required watching, but I couldn’t watch it; partly cos it was on late at night; partly cos we, Britain in the 21st century, just should be doing better.
Reviewers have come up with some clichés.
– the film shows it’s worst for the kids (losing friends, long travel to school, unable to have friends around); but I saw mothers in anguish;
– the councils involved were callous; once again journalists honing their fire at people who deign to help, but working within a national framework.

I finally watched it in full.
The kinds of issues shown are not showing so much in Nottingham compared to the London examples, and I was be interested to find out how much of a problem we have in Nottingham. Hence the answer to a question asked in full council.
20150309 CQ5 private sector housing a0818h IMG_4666c0920h no place to call home review


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